The Last Worker has been confirmed for PSVR2

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The Last Worker has now been confirmed for PSVR2, Wired Productions and Wolf & Wood, have confirmed. This follows the reveal from earlier this year where The Last Worker was confirmed for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Switch, and Meta Quest 2. A new trailer has been released for The Last Worker which gives celebrates the festive period.

“Like his real world counterparts, Mr. Jüngle has a lot to be merry about,” said Writer, Director Jörg Tittel, whose company, Oiffy, is producing the game. “If only the fact that he’s raking in billions while hordes of increasingly dehumanized workers struggle to get that superhero themed electric toothbrush head to you on time. Naturally we couldn’t let him get all the $$$, so we’ve been crafting this cynical product for you to consume. Happy Capitalist Ho Ho Horror!”

“You embody Kurt, a big man, with a big beard, who delivers ‘presents’ on a flying scooter.” said Ryan Bousfield, Creative Director at Wolf & Wood, “Although you have robots instead of reindeer, it’s testament to the immersive power of VR that such an unusual and stylised world still feels ‘real’ when you’re in there!”

The Last Worker is a narrative game in which players will go through the JC1, which has been the subject of a tour by Jungle CEO Josef Jüngle. However, what is soon apparent is that something is going quite wrong in this fulfilment centre as the machines start to turn on the human workers. What follows is a lot of death and it seems as The Last Worker you will have to survive and figure out what is happening.

The Last Worker Preview – Late stage capitalism run amok

In our The Last Worker preview, Stefan wrote, “You get a real sense for the cartoonish take on the late-stage capitalism the game depicts. It’s darkly humorous how the bizarre excess of the machinery will pass packages around, and it will only get darker as you delve deeper into the game and break out from the intended work area.”

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