Kojima is teasing Lea Seydoux ahead of potential Death Stranding 2 announcement

Death Stranding 2 Lea Seydoux

Hideo Kojima has teased another of the actors that will feature within his next video game ahead of a potential (maybe even likely) announcement at The Game Awards tonight. And it took all of about 6 seconds for someone to spot a resemblance to Léa Seydoux’s silhouette, which in turn suggests it will be Death Stranding 2 that gets revealed.

The other two actors are Elle Fanning and Shioli Kutsuna, who have been teased and revealed in similar fashion over the past few months at Tokyo Game Show and PAX respectively.

Each one comes with an imperative – “WHO”, “WHERE”, “HOW”, and “WHY” – which is probably some kind of story hint, but could have been inspired by a petulant toddler looking for attention. We’ll find out one way or another soon enough.

It’s no secret that Hideo Kojima and The Game Awards figurehead Geoff Keighley have a good friendship, and Keighley’s shows have often been the vehicle for a Kojima announcement or appearance, ever since the video game auteur was booted out of Konami.

Of course, Keighley fans the flames of speculation by replying to Kojima’s teasers, and the timing of this is all very convenient, wouldn’t you say?

If this is related to Death Stranding 2 – which we already know is in development thanks to Norman Reedus – then that means Kojima is spinning two games at once. The other is an Xbox exclusive using the Cloud, and this could be a horror game is called Overdose starring Margaret Qualley.

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