They’re making a Death Stranding movie

Death Stranding: Director's Cut

Kojima Productions and Hammerstone Studios have announced a partnership to make a film adaptation of Death Stranding. Barbarian executive producer Alex Lebovici will develop the adaptation, with production on a “fast track”.

“I couldn’t be more excited about this new partnership with Hammerstone Studios,” said Hideo Kojima. “This is a pivotal moment for the franchise and I’m really looking forward to collaborating with them in bringing Death Stranding to the big screen.”

Some might churlishly point out the length of the cutscenes that are always found in a Hideo Kojima game, and especially note that his games are now filled with the faces and performances of TV and movie stars. Death Stranding featured Norman Reedus, Léa Seydoux and Mads Mikkelson in leading roles.

So a Death Stranding film would just take those same actors and characters and retell the story in live action? Well, surprisingly no. With the announcement of Death Stranding 2 at The Game Awards, the game universe is expanding and this movie will explore new areas.

With that, Kojima Productions are keeping the plot for the film under wraps, but say that it will introduce new elements and characters within the Death Stranding universe.

Let’s dip into our Death Stranding PC review, which came in 2020. Miguel said: “It’s a story well worth revisiting or experiencing for the first time on PC. The pacing of the game can certainly drag to a screeching halt through the middle, but with boosted frame rate and crisper visuals, you’ll likely be too mesmerised by the hauntingly gorgeous world of Hideo Kojima’s latest masterpiece to even care about the uneven story beats.”

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