What We Played #581 – High on Life, The Witcher 3 & Crisis Core Reunion

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It’s been an especially frigid week in the UK, so I hope you’ve all been bundled up and delicately balancing the heating to stay sufficiently warm – I don’t pay enough attention to weather patterns and energy costs of other countries, but hope you are also warm.

When not braving the trains on a non-strike day (which just about went alright), I’ve been playing through High on Life, the FPS from Squanch Games and the minds behind Rick and Morty – look out for a review maybe later today. It’s a decent shooter adventure with some early 2000s vibes, but the experience will really come down to whether you like the humour in Rick & Morty or not, and whether you think that stretches out across a 10 hour game or not. Personally? It doesn’t quite manage it.

High on Life Blim City

Aran continued on with Cyberpunk 2077. He’s discovered that he can literally just run in and out of the NCPD assault assault missions, grabbing an item to complete them – “I think I cleared about 6 or 7 in the space of 15 minutes once I realised that!” Unfortunately, that’s also come with finding a bugged mission where a mission marker cannot be cleared from his map…

From one CDPR game to another, Gamoc dove into The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Complete Edition for our PS5 review. It remains a fantastic game, and there’s a new quest to delve into as a sweetener. When not waving his swords at beasties, he waved them at fast-moving blocks in Beat Saber – there’s new game mechanics now, he says!

The Witcher 3 PS5 Upgrade Roach

This week, Nick P has mostly been playing Midnight Suns still, which he continues to enjoy. He also dipped into Overwatch 2 for the winter event, and indulged in his usual Dead by Daylight, Modern Warfare 2 and so on.

Steve might have played more Callisto Protocol in the last seven days, but he can’t quite be sure. What he does know is that he also rattled through High on Life – “it has hit or miss humour but is a solid and colourful FPS that goes in some interesting directions.” He also played a few hours of BlackTail, which is also a solid and colourful FPS that explores a bit of Slavic folklore and the Baby Yaga mythos, and finished off Soccer Story after it was updated. It was decent, but he’s hoping that the upcoming Sports Story does a better job of the sports stuff as well as the RPG stuff.

Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion Combat

Nic B’s broken out of his Pokémon rut with Crisis Core Reunion, which is an excellent nostalgia trip for him, and Marvel Snap for his mobile gaming.

Jim also hopped onto the Final Fantasy train, but was bested by Final Fantasy X. In a fit of anger at getting stuck on one of the final bosses, he deleted the game from his PS Vita… which also deleted his game save. This was a poor decision.

That’s us, but what about you? What have you played this past seven days?

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  1. I got the plat in Lego Star Wars on Vita and wrapped up all the plats from Lego games available on Vita.
    I also got the plat in Bunny Memory and Tuberbrook on PS4 (the latter is a point and click adventure which I highly recommend – it’s made by German developers and I don’t know if it’s their writing or brilliant localisation but it’s genuinely hilarious!).
    I’ve had a week off between finishing one job and starting another, so I’ve also managed to finish the multiplayer in Doom (2016) as well as Kane and Lynch 2.
    I’ve made a start on Inksplosion and continuing my Lego theme, Lego Lord of the Rings on PS3 this time.
    Tonight I have my new work team Christmas party, so what I’ll be doing tomorrow could depend on that – I’ve been told not to judge them on how much they drink, so I may need lots of dark and quiet, rather than gaming!

  2. Just started a new job, which hopefully won’t be for long until something closer and warmer turns up. Which all means I’ve (a) not had as much time to play anything, and (b) I’ve been permanently freezing all week and just want to hide under a duvet in front of the TV.

    So just a bit of some PS+ games and other random things. Biomutant is all a bit meh so far. Sky: Children of the Light sadly tries to do everything that made Journey such a great, if short, experience, and completely fails.

    Another F2P game that just popped up entertained me a lot more. Gundam Evolution. Which is basically “What if Overwatch, but everyone’s a giant robot?”. How could you go wrong with that?

    Oh, and maybe this time I’ll actually finish The Witcher 3. The new PS5 version looks even nicer, and those almost instant load times really help.

    The other thing was a game of “what other old stuff can I sell to be able to afford to order PSVR2?”. I won that game. Now just need to wait 68 to 74 days for it to arrive. You would think they could get all the pre-orders to arrive on launch day, but no, it’s the 22nd to 28th of February. Of course, if they open up pre-orders to other retailers, instead of just direct from Sony, I can always order it from Amazon and be pretty much guaranteed to get it on launch day.

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