The Nyxi Wizard is a GameCube-style Switch Joy-Con with drift-proof analogue sticks

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Peripheral maker Nyxi has revealed the Nyxi Wizard, a new Nintendo Switch Joy-Con alternative that features a GameCube look and layout and promises drift-proof analogue sticks. Naturally this has been massively popular and the website has crashed as people rush to order directly from Nyxi.

The Nyxi Wizard lifts the style of the GameCube controller, but splits the design down the middle to act as two separate Joy-Con. These can then be connected together or slid into the Joy-Con rails on the Nintendo Switch itself, promising improved ergonomics for having large hand grips. It’s a controller that may have taken a little inspiration from some fan mods that emerged soon after the Nintendo Switch’s 2017 launch.

That would be enough to make the Nyxi Wizard a hit, but the company has gone further. The biggest change compared to the regular Joy-Con and to many modern game controllers is that the Wizard uses Hall Effect Joysticks that measures magnetic fields instead of requiring physical contact on internal components. This means that (in theory) the joysticks should not deteriorate over time, and should be resistant to the Joy-Con drift that has led to Nintendo facing lawsuits and creating a large scale warranty repair programme. Even if the sticks do develop an issue, owners will have easy access thanks to removable joystick rings that let you remove the sticks themselves.

Nyxi Wizard Switch Joy-Con GameCube controller

Further improvements include “mecha-tactile” button triggers for the ZR and LR buttons, as well as programmable grip buttons and a turbo button. Perhaps the most superfluous little trick, though, is that the controller has a backlight for the ABXY face buttons on the right side. The controllers have a reported battery life of 6.5 hours.

The controller (when the Nyxi website isn’t down) is available for the very friendly price of $69 with worldwide shipping an option as well.

Source: Nyxi, Twitter

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