Forza Motorsport will feature in Thursday’s Forza Monthly stream, after Developer_Direct

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Following right behind the Xbox and Bethesda Developer_Direct stream tomorrow, the Forza Monthly streams will return on Thursday 26th January and will now be able to dive deep into the upcoming Forza Motorsport. The stream will kick off at 5PM GMT / 9AM PT, and you can watch it… right here at that time!

Forza Motorsport will be one of four games confirmed for the Developer_Direct showcase, and with a roughly 43 minute stream divided between these games, we’re expecting to get around 10 minutes of fresh gameplay and details, including a release date for the Xbox Series X|S and PC racer – currently it’s expected for spring 2023.

However, why spend ten minutes talking about a game when you can spend an hour? Forza Monthly streams typically run for around an hour, with December’s stream diving into a recap of Forza Horizon 5’s first full year, fixes coming to that game, Horizon Holidays world changes, and spotlighting parts of the community.

FH5 will no doubt get some airtime during the January Forza Monthly stream, but Forza Motorsport will surely take centre stage, going over whatever is shown during Developer_Direct, expanding on certain areas, and discussing or answering fan questions that are sure to crop up. You know, the kinds of nitty-gritty details like wheel support, lobby sizes and matchmaking, how race weekends will work, if you can turn off ray tracing for a higher frame rate. That kind of thing.

The first Forza Motorsport gameplay reveal came in June last year during sort-of-E3. Following on from the 2020 announcement, Turn 10 promise a huge number of technical improvements for the game on the new generation of consoles. The rendering engine has been updated to handle dynamic time of day and weather, there’s photogrammetry to capture real textures and bring them into the game world, and real time ray tracing that will also run while you’re driving around – this, in contrast to Gran Turismo 7 and Forza Horizon 5 which only have ray tracing in photo modes. There’s also extensive changes to how the game handles physics, track evolution, tyre modelling, and so much more.

We expect to see plenty more of this kind of thing over the next two days.

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