Tess could have had more backstory in The Last of Us on HBO

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Neil Druckmann has revealed that the second episode of The Last of Us on HBO could have started with a very different scene. I won’t describe what actually happened to avoid spoilers, but suffice to say it was quite lengthy and gave more information on the whole story.

However, there were plans to open with a scene which would have told us more about Tess. “There is something we had talked about, and we wrote it. We never shot it. It was a little bit of a backstory for Tess, and the fact that Tess had a kid,” said Neil on The Last of Us podcast. “She had a husband and she had a son, and they were infected and she had to kill them. She killed her husband, but she could not kill the son. She couldn’t do it. She locked him in the basement, where theoretically, he’s still a Clicker.”

“We had a cold open where we just like, the camera pushed on this door and you just hear this pounding coming from this basement and then we cut out,” Druckmann adds. “Then later, Tess would tell the story of how she couldn’t kill her son…it didn’t fit, but it was fun to think about.”

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It has also been revealed that the second episode of the show had even bigger viewing figures than the first.  The second episode had  5.7 million viewers compared to 4.7 million for the season premiere, “largest week 2 audience growth for an HBO Original drama series in the history of the network.”

On top of that HBO report that “after one full week of availability, Episode 1 is now tracking at 18 million viewers, up nearly 4x from its premiere night audience.” Suffice to say HBO have a massive hit on their hands.

You can watch The Last of Us on Sky and Now TV in the UK.

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