How long does it take to beat Forspoken?

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Forspoken, the latest game from Square Enix, offers a large world for players to explore while playing as protagonist Frey Holland. The world of Athia is split into five regions, each packed with side activities and missions to complete, but as with so many open world games, one question on everyone’s lips will be how long does it take to beat Forspoken?

How long to beat Forspoken’s story?

During our playthrough we completed the main campaign, as well as completing a majority of side quests and some side activities. In total, from the start of the game to when the credits rolled, the time we took was around 17 hours.

If you were to focus almost exclusively on the story, you could probably shave a few more hours off that time.

How long to 100% Forspoken, then?

prior to release, Square Enix said there would be around 30-40 hours of game time within Forspoken, and that seems to be pretty accurate to us.

While we completed a majority of the side quests – called Detours in Forspoken – we didn’t beat all of the side activities, and would guess that our 100% completion time would likely be around 35 hours to do everything.

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The side activities that you can complete in Forspoken include:

  • Belfry Towers – These are towers that unveil the map in the local area, highlighting activities nearby. They also act as fast travel points.
  • Fount of Blessing – When Frey plunges into one of these it unlocks a new spell for her to use.
  • Pilgrim Refuge – These are locations in the world where Frey can rest. These spots also hold crafting tables so you can upgrade your gear, and restock on health potions. You can also activate challenges here which improve stats once completed.
  • Locked Labyrinths – These giant cage looking structures dot the world of Athia. Do not be fooled by the names as you can enter the labyrinths, which are dungeons that contain rooms of enemies and a boss at the end. Completing a locked labyrinth will reward you with new gear.
  • Tanta Companion Statues – Do you like cats? Then you will like these statues. Approaching a statue will summon a supernatural cat nearby. If you approach them carefully they will become Frey’s friends and visit her at Pilgrim Houses.
  • Photo Spots – These spots appear after starting a certain Detour. The aim is to visit these spots and take pictures.
  • Cave, Ruin, Village, Fortress, Guilds – These locations are filled with groups of enemies to take out so you can find treasure chests to get resources.
  • Monuments – Visiting the Tanta Monuments will grant Frey permanent stat increases. One type of Monument will have Frey time travel to take on a challenge, which can be defeating enemies in a time limit, or protecting people.
  • Mutant – Powerful versions of enemies that can deal a lot of damage if Frey is not prepared. Approach these fights carefully.
  • Events – These are little story bits that occur which will have Frey interacting with other characters, learning more about them and the world of Athia.
  • Trading Spot – The world of Athia may be on the brink of falling but people still need to trade. You can pick up resources from traders, though the world is full of resources.

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