How to replace the DualSense Edge Analogue Stick Module

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With the release of the DualSense Edge this week, gamers around the world will be able to get their hands on Sony’s first PS5 pro controller, but with one eye to the future, you might be thinking, how do you swap out the DualSense Edge analogue stick modules?

The DualSense Edge a fantastic first effort from the PlayStation maker, taking the already excellent DualSense controller and kitting it out with various high-end and customisable features. There’s trigger short stops, there’s back buttons, there’s different quick-switch profiles and deep ties into the PS5 system settings to tune analogue stick responsiveness. You can read our full in-depth review here.

Amongst these features is the ability to swap out the analogue sticks, with Sony having created special analogue stick modules so you don’t need to see a single circuit board. This is a great feature for anyone worried about wear and tear on their analogue stick through clicking L3/R3 in action games, or the constant concern over dust causing stick drift, as you won’t need to buy an expensive replacement. It will, however, cost you $20 / £20 per stick.

So, how do you swap out the DualSense Edge analogue stick module? We’ve got a handy walkthrough.

How to replace a DualSense Edge Analogue Stick Module

The DualSense Edge features a glossy face plate around the analogue sticks, PS button, speak and microphone. This hides and secures the analogue stick modules and needs to be removed.

DualSense Edge Release

Slide the ‘Release’ latch to pop off the front faceplate

It’s secured by a latch around the back side of the controller, labelled ‘Release’. Slide this using a finger nail or the point of something like a pen, table fork or toothpick, and the face plate will pop free. You can now lift it up and over the analogue sticks and pull it free.

Lift Analogue Stick latch

Lift the metal tab to slide out the stick module

The analogue stick modules are locked in place by metal clasps to the left of the left stick and right of the right stick. Simply lift these up by around 90º to release the module.

You can now slide the module down and out from the controller along guiding rails in the plastic.

Analogue Stick Modules

The analogue stick modules are identical for left and right.

Replacing an analogue stick module is as simple as reversing this process. Modules are identical, so can be used in either left or right position. Just make sure the stick module is in the correct orientation with the pin socket into the body of the controller and the Fn button to the outside, and slide it into the guiding like it’s a printer ink cartridge. Push it in until it won’t easily go any further. There’s no click, but lowering the metal flap will push it in more tightly and secure it.

Now replace the plastic face plate over the analogue sticks, securing it first with the two plastic tabs at the top edge, and then clicking the lower edge into place.

DualSense Edge Faceplate plastic tabs

Congratulations, you’ve now replaced a DualSense Edge analogue stick! Or, much more likely, you’ve wanted to take your controller apart for the heck of it, and have successfully put it back together!

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