Stranded: Alien Dawn Update 2 lets you tame alien animals

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Haemimont Games has released a second major update for Stranded: Alien Dawn, the Tame and Train Update bringing a bunch of new features to help your survivors carve out a new life once they’re stranded on an alien world. Oh, and you might have brought Man’s best friend crashing down to the planet with you.

This latest expansion for the early access survival strategy game introduces Animal Taming as a skill to research, after which survivors can unlock the ability to tame the fauna native to the planet they’re stranded upon. Once learnt, you’ll be able to name, heal, train, play, lead, and slaughter animals, with a new Ranch activity used to prioritise training and taming. You can’t just bend all creatures to your will, but will need to handle certain species more carefully, as they can be hostile if not pacified. There’s also the ability to have brought Earth’s dogs to this alien world with three breeds of dog in the update.

Once brought into the fold of a fledgling base, creatures can then provide various resources – food is obviously one of them – while some creatures can be trained to fight alongside you if wild animals attack your camp. You’ll have to keep tamed animals happy and comfortable, feeding and housing them, but they come with the benefit of boosting relaxation and happiness in your survivors.

Speaking of survivors, there’s the new character Hugo Delano, a chap with a zookeeping history that leans into the ability to train almost any creature and with farming skills to boot.

Alongside animal-taming mechanics, players can now select Hugo Delano, a new survivor, for their group as part of the update. Hugo’s colourful past as a zookeeper makes him a worthwhile addition, with his ability to train almost any creature and his adept farming skills sure to prove useful for survival.

We most recently played Stranded: Alien Dawn after its first update – Dunes and Moons. There’s plenty of room for Haemimont Games’ latest to keep growing, and in our preview I said, “If Haemimont games keeps up the pace with updating Stranded: Alien Dawn, then it will soon flourish into a fully-materialised survival management sim. The Desertum biome shows how each expansion can shake up the gameplay and make clever balance tweaks, the Moons and difficulty settings tailoring the title’s strong foundations to suit your tastes. Stranded: Alien Dawn will be one to watch as it evolves into 2023.”

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