For Honor new hero revealed, first Year 7 details

for honor new hero afeera

Ubisoft have officially revealed the next For Honor hero, announcing plans to support the fighting game through 2023.

The Afeera is an athletic fighter equipped with a mace and shield combo. See her in action in Ubisoft’s new gameplay trailer.

This new For Honor hero is due to arrive early next month on February 2nd. Like previous add-on characters, they will initially be locked behind a paywall (with a price tag of around £8). However, if you’re patient, you can unlock them using 15,000 Steel. Given how generous For Honor is at distributing this in-game currency, veteran players will no doubt have a stockpile of Steel waiting, or can grind out some challenges to quickly top it up.

The Afeera’s arrival marks the end of For Honor Year 6 with the game celebrating its sixth anniversary next month. Ubisoft have confirmed that For Honor Year 7 will commence next month with more details to follow. What we know for now is that there will be 2 new playable hero, four new elite hero skins, battle passes, events, and more.

Last year, Ubisoft added two new heroes to the live service game including the Pirate and Medjay, both of which have become firm favourites among the ever-growing roster.

The characters are part of the Outlanders faction. Unlike other factions, which are based on Knight, Vikings, Samurai, and warriors of Ancient China, the Outlanders give Ubi the opportunity to create new fighters who don’t slot into one of these alliances.

Now that the Afeera has been revealed, who could the next For Honor hero be? Maybe an apache or aztec fighter? A hero based on a Spartan warrior?

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While there have been murmurs of a For Honor 2, nothing has been officially reveal or leaked in regards to a sequel. Like other Ubisoft live service games such as Rainbow Six Siege, it’s hard to imagine the publisher releasing a follow-up in favour of improving the game they have already spent years building and maintaining. That said, we wouldn’t say not to a spin-off.

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