Marvel Snap patch buffs Wolverine, nerfs Leader

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Second Dinner have launched a new Marvel Snap patch, marking the release of the long-awaited Friendly Battles feature. Now, instead of diving right into the matchmaking queue, you can throw down against friends and family in tense, tactical, multi-round showdowns.

The developers also outlined some significant changes to two cards in the latest Marvel Snap patch. Leader has been altered yet again, his power raised to 7 but with a major caveat. Previously, his on reveal ability would allow him to copy all cards your opponent plays in a turn. This has now been altered, meaning he can only copy the cards played on the location to the right. Playing Leader will now require a bit more strategy, this update no doubt kicking him down the meta ladder somewhat.

Then we have Wolverine. According to Second Dinner, the iconic X-Men character hasn’t seen much play, so he’s received a buff. To reflect his healing factor powers, Wolverine will reappear at a random location when destroyed – following the new Marvel Snap patch he will receive +2 power upon being destroyed too.

Here’s more on what you can expect from Battle Mode:

Marvel Snap Battle Mode

Battle Mode pits two opponents against each other through multiple rounds. Each player starts with 10 health. Instead of Cubes, what’s at stake is the amount of damage the winner will deal to the loser. If you can deplete your opponent’s health to zero, you win!

In Battle Mode, the stakes are front and center. Every SNAP and Retreat takes extra meaning, as every point of health is critical to remaining alive.

Further, each player’s deck is locked for the duration of the battle. This means you’ll quickly learn which cards are in an opponent’s deck, and they might be aware of what sneaky tricks you’re hiding. Keeping track of what cards in your deck haven’t been seen by your opponent can make all the difference in whether you can squeeze out an extra SNAP.

In our review we scored the game an 8 out of 10, saying that “the best thing about Marvel Snap is that it requires so little effort to play yet has brilliant strategic depth.”

“Matches are so quick that you’ll rarely feel the sting of disappointment upon defeat, while each win pushes you towards the next card reveal. Like any live service game, it’s constantly evolving with balance patches a roadmap teasing new content and features. Let’s just hope we’ll see the developers lessen the grind and give players more ways to unlock their favourite Marvel heroes and villains in future.”

Marvel Snap is out now on PC and mobile. There has been no word on whether the game will come to additional platforms.

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