Report: EA cancels Titanfall single player game being built within Apex Legends

With EA’s public shutdown of Apex Legends Mobile, cancellation of Battlefield Mobile this week, and the closure of developer Industrial Toys, reports have emerged that there has been more behind the scenes game cancellations, one of which was a single player game set within the Titanfall and Apex Legends universe.

Bloomberg reported that a team of around 50 people was working on a game codenamed Titanfall Legends within Respawn’s multi-team studio. With the cancellation, developers have now been reassigned to other games and projects, though those that could not be shuffled around have been given a severance package.

Further reports have now emerged via Giant Bomb’s Jeff Grubb, who went into more details on the project during a live stream, claiming that the game was not to be standalone, but rather a “Titanfall-feeling project” built inside the free-to-play battle royale offspring Apex Legends.

The campaign would have featured characters from Apex Legends, as well as the titan BT and Blisk from Titanfall 2. Blisk would have actually been the player character, while the Apex Legends characters would have appeared to give you different powers.

Grubb said, “Titanfall Legends was not Titanfall 3, because in a lot of people’s minds I think Titanfall 3 was going to be a new, standalone game with a single player campaign and multiplayer, and they could just never do that again after Apex Legends changed the calculus on all of those things.”

The intention, it seems, alongside an upcoming pure team deathmatch game mode, was to transform Apex Legends into more of a gaming platform that could feature different experiences, similar to recent Call of Duty games. There’s already a small-scale competitive mode within Apex Legends, which was added back in 2021, so this would have built on that ethos.

However, with EA’s financials revealing a downturn in Apex Legends revenue, it seems that they might be refocussing back on fundamentals.

Source: Bloomberg, Giant Bomb via VGC

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