Tactical RPG The Last Spell launches March 9th

The Last Spell

The Last Spell, a tactical roguelike RPG, will launch on March 9th Ishtar Games and The Arcade Crew have confirmed. The Last Spell will be available for PC, Switch, PS4 and PS5. The game has been in Early Access for the last year and a half on Steam. When it was confirmed that The Last Spell was going to leave early access there was also a price increase, that occurred on February 1st.

The setting of The Last Spell is a era of humanity’s last stand. Mages had evoked The Cataclysm to stop all wars, but in doing so unleashed dangerous mutants onto the world. The only way to fix the issue is to cast the last spell. This is a bit of an issue as the spell takes days of uninterrupted chanting to activate, something the mutants are keen to disrupt. Players take on the role of a squad of heroes who have to protect the mages so the spell can be cast. The features of The Last Spell include:

● The whole RPG package: a flurry of stats, skills, perks, traits… and more.
● Tons of items: armors, weapons, trinkets and potions… with their own stats and skills, as well as optional random modifiers. Each weapon has its own skillset and playstyle!
● Build your own classes: upgrade your heroes with stat bonuses and perks, and equip whatever gear you wish. Want to make a glass cannon rogue/mage fighting with a gun? Do it!
● Manage your squad of heroes: they’re strong, but they are few and have access to limited resources. Healing and mana are scarce, so try to find a good balance.
● Think and adapt: you will face swarms of deadly enemies with only a few hardened heroes. Optimize your positioning and plan your actions: big AOE attacks, crowd control, buffs, poison… Every Action Point counts towards another day of survival.
● Enemies have strengths and weaknesses that will challenge your wits. And because hard is not enough for us, be prepared for the terrifying Elites!
● Each map will end with epic fights against unique mind-bending bosses.

● Rebuild the city to help you in-between fights. Get healed, forge new magical weapons, get new heroes. Spend your resources wisely, commander!
● Build up your defenses: walls, traps, towers, catapults… every tiny bit of help is welcome.
● Protect the Magic Circle at all costs! If you lose it, humanity is doomed.
● 5 Havens to protect, each with their own setup and challenges requiring you to tailor your strategy to beat the Great Evil.

The Last Spell will be a difficult game and there will be a lot runs that will end in failure, with players have to continually change tactics to beat the hordes back, but the difficulty can be scaled to make things tougher. Players will also have the use of Omens, limited bonuses that can be used for each run. These bonuses include more characters, better defences, more action points and increased loot.

Source: Press Release

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