What We Played #592 – Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, Destiny 2 & Scars Above

Destiny 2 Lightfall artwork header

Is it Friday already? Another week has raced on by for me, though I can absolutely excuse some of that from still spending a fair chunk of time in some totally different realities to our own.

We’re still churning our way through a lot of PSVR 2 games – because they had dozens of them for the headset’s launch – and so had a review of the fantastic tabletop roguelike Demeo, previewed the Lemmings-like puzzler Humanity, and spent a good amount of time in No Man’s Sky on PSVR 2 (YouTube), which I’m hoping gets a resolution bump in the near future.

But then I also got to pass my gaze across Resident Evil 4 remake, Age of Wonders 4 and play a good chunk of the co-op heisting of Crime Boss: Rockay City. Maybe that was why the week flew by?

Tuffcub is my partner in VR crime, and spent the start of the week scaring himself with Resident Evil Village in VR, before turning his attentions back to Destiny 2. There’s good reasons for that, though, because of the release of Destiny 2: Lightfall. We’ll let him off the hook this time.

Destiny 2 Lightfall

Gamoc celebrated his birthday this week – happy birthday! – and his sneaky uncle surprised him with God of War: Ragnarok, so he played that and proclaims it to be “rather good”.

In similarly rousing reviews, Aran played Saints Row 2022 and raves that “it was fine for a game where you just switch off.” He’s enjoying Hi-Fi Rush a lot more, calling it “an early contender for GOTY.”

Wo Long combat and morale

Jim was similarly wowed by Hi-Fi Rush, but has been drawn in by Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, which is filling the Three Kingdoms void left by the lack of new Dynasty Warriors games. It was up to Jason to review Wo Long: Rallen Dynasty for us, who had a great time after getting past the initial difficulty hump.

Ade’s week has all about playing Soundfall with his partner, and continuing on with the now “repetitive by still very fun” Sniper Elite 4. Add to that Nier: Automata, which is clearly getting on a bit, but has plenty of delights.

Nick P has fallen into the trap of too many free-to-play and live service games, with Dead by Daylight, Overwatch 2, CoD and Fortnite all on the go. “What has my life become?” he ponders. Meanwhile, Miguel complimented his own Fortnite-ing with Like a Dragon: Ishin! and starting Galleria: The Moon Society.

Scars Above exploration

And then we have Steve, who rounded off our review of Scars Above, which was enjoyable, but comes with the annoyance of not being able to go back to explore after beating the end. He’s moved on to Ghost Story for Reward points hunting on Xbox and started on Figment 2 for review, as well as rounding out his time with Atomic Heart.

He reckons it’s “a game which really didn’t need the open world aspects and is actually far more subversive than the ‘pro-Russia’ takes suggest – although I totally understand anyone not wanting to engage with something they view as supporting Putin’s actions. Felt a lot like a fusion of Half Life and BioShock and is destined to be a bit of a cult classic.”

Now then, what have you played this week? 

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  1. Meanwhile, I had some PSVR 2 sessions that went slightly better, at least I had no headaches anymore, but I need frequent breaks, much more so than with the first PSVR. I had some ‘wow’ effects too, thankfully, with No Man’s Sky, which I hadn’t played before. It’s beautiful and very cool to explore planets and fly around, being right in the middle of things. However, I really feel my stomach every time I take off in my spaceship, and I don’t quite understand it, as I was mostly unaffected by stuff like that with the first PSVR. Maybe, I’m just getting old…? (I should probably play NMS with PSVR1 to compare, and narrow it down what causes it).
    Apart from that, I continued playing Spider-Man, am at 80% now, still enjoying it.

  2. Mostly the same VR stuff as last week, unsurprisingly. With a bit of time for some Horizon Forbidden West, since it’s on PS+. Aloy is still the most annoying main character in a game, ever, and the game is still the sort of massive open world stuff Ubisoft usually get criticised for. But I guess it looks very nice.

    Oh, and added Demeo to my collection of PSVR2 games. Which is excellent. Even playing with random people. We were all having a good laugh when I completely failed to hit anything 3 times in a row due to that dice roll. And then got the bonus damage against something pathetic that would have died without it. And it looks very nice too, nice smooth zooming in and spinning the board around, with lovely sharp graphics. Just already quite hard, especially when things go horribly wrong and chain reactions occur damaging everything, including the other 3 players.

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