Front Mission 2 Remake release date set for June

Front Mission 2 Remake Header

Following on from the first Front Mission: Remake, Front Mission 2: Remake will now be coming to Nintendo Switch on 12th June 2023.

This is an HD remake of the classic turn-based JRPG which first released on PlayStation in Japan back in 1997. Unlike later games in the Front Mission series that saw releases in North America and Europe, and even the original game which (after being ported from Super Famicom to PlayStation) came West via a Nintendo DS release in 2007, Front Mission 2 has always been a Japan-only PlayStation game.

Originally developed by G-Craft with Square publishing, this remake is being handled by Storm Trident, continuing the work of Forever Entertainment who developed the Front Mission 1st: remake that came out last year.

While the graphics in the trailer won’t wow you, it’s really all about the turn-based tactical action and the Wanzer mecha combat at the heart of this series. A new free camera will allow you to look around and zoom right in on the Wanzers as you’re planning your next moves.

Front Mission 3: Remake is also in the works – this game having been the first in the series with a worldwide release. There’s no timeline for Front Mission 3’s release, but it could be toward the end of 2023 or early 2024. That game is being remake by a third development team, MegaPixel Studio.

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