The final Super Mario Bros. movie trailer looks like Mad Max: Rainbow Fury Road

Super Mario Bros. Movie Rainbow Road

Nintendo and Illumination have released the final trailer for the Super Mario Bros. Movie ahead of its theatrical debut. There’s plenty of new easter eggs and things to see in this trailer, including a long look at a Rainbow Road battle sequence inspired by Mario Kart and (seemingly) Mad Max: Fury Road.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie will arrive in theatres on 5th April in North America (two days earlier than previously announced) and 28th April in Japan. It’s also been confirmed for 31st March in the UK and 29th March in France.

The new trailer has got plenty of fun touches, including a completely cuckoo Luma being held in captivity – kids are going to love this little psycho – Donkey Kong getting his hands on a fire flower, and lots of side-scrolling platforming (which Mario tells everyone watching is “fun”), before leading into the Rainbow Road battle. Illumination’s art team talked about this in the Nintendo Direct for the trailer’s reveal, saying how they took inspiration from real vehicles as well as the traditional karts and bikes from the video games to create a distinct blend of styles.

By the way, did you spot the Mario Kart 64-style shortcut Mario takes?

It also gave yet another chance to appraise Chris Pratt’s work as Mario’s voice. It is… quite variable to say the least. There’s video game-style whooping, there’s lines that sound just like regular Chris Pratt, and then there are times where you do get more of a Brooklynite tone coming through. I guess we’ll have to watch the actual film to see how the overall performance comes together – Jack Black as Bowser still sounds absolutely perfect, by the way.

Nintendo will be hoping the film follows in the footsteps of the hit Detective Pikachu movie that delighted fans of the Pokémon franchise when it released in 2019. It was a huge box office hit and showed Nintendo (via The Pokémon company) what modern animations and adaptations can achieve. However, Mario will now have to try and beat the records being set by his early 90’s rival: Sonic.

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