Another Fisherman’s Tale trailer shows some body puzzling gameplay

Another Fisherman’s Tale has got a new trailer having been announced a few weeks ago. The game will be heading to PSVR 2, PC VR headsets, and Meta Quest. The sequel to the VR puzzler will once again have players embarking on an adventure using their bodies to solve puzzles. Literally, as the main character can detach parts of their body to solve various puzzles.

The outline for Another Fisherman’s Tale says, “Embark on a new, mind-bending VR adventure Another Fisherman’s Tale, the sequel that was brought to life by the makers of the award-winning “A Fisherman’s Tale”. Immerse yourself in poetic storytelling as you explore new mind-bending VR puzzle mechanics. Discover the truth as you journey through beautiful and unique locations and solve puzzles using your own body; Detach and control your hands, or replace them with new attachments which you’ll find throughout the world. Get ready for a captivating VR experience unlike any other.”

In our A Fisherman’s Tale review, Jason wrote, “A Fisherman’s Tale succeeds in being one of the most interesting games on VR. It is charming, magical, and awe-inspiring. It manages to do all of this with you playing as a puppet, and feeling a huge amount of warmth towards that little puppet. It is just a shame that the playtime is so short, even just an extra couple of hours would have made this impossible to miss. As it stands, it is a wonderful game that deserves playing, but the play time is such a drawback to an otherwise impeccable game.”

Source: Future Games Show

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