Kabaret launches April 5th for PC and Xbox

Persona Theory Games has confirmed that its visual novel Kabaret will be available from April 5th on PC and Xbox. The game draws its inspiration from the myths of Southeast Asia, drawing upon the supernatural creatures to fill out its cast. Those characters include Raden, a telepathic from made of clay, Pontianak who is a vampire that wants to live, and Mayang who is a forgotten sea goddess.

The story outline says, “Kabaret unfolds through the eyes of Jebat, a cursed boy who is uprooted from his small Penang town to a mystical, violent, and unforgiving monster realm. Astray and lonely in a place of unfathomable cruelty, Jebat confronts monsters both supernatural and human in the Kabaret.”

Kabaret’s features include:

  • Experience the story through the eyes of our main character, Jebat
  • Explore Kabaret by interacting with more than 20 different Southeast Asian-inspired mythical creatures
  • Pave your own way through the 6 different endings, each with its own unique route
  • Perform tea ceremonies and get to know the dwellers of Kabaret
  • Take on a match in Guli and Congkak, our Southeast Asian-inspired minigames
  • Manage a stage performance and help to put on a dazzling show
  • Featuring sounds of Hello Universe and Sambasunda Indonesia

Source: Press Release

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