Detective thriller and shooter Neo Berlin 2087 revealed for PS5 and PC

Neo Berlin 2087

Neo Berlin 2087 has been revealed by Elysium Game Studio for PS5 and PC, a third and first person shooter as well as a detective thriller. The reveal trailer shows a futuristic Berlin in which the main character first investigates a crime scene, and then ends up in firefights while wearing all over silver body armour, against enemies that are dressed similarly.

The gameplay for Neo Berlin 2087 shows constant switches between third and first person perspectives, with a lot of it seemingly happening during combat situations. The footage also seems to hint at a bullet time mechanic, allowing players to dive in slow motion while firing at enemies. The graphics do look impression thanks to the game being developed in Unreal Engine 5, but the gameplay and some frame rate drops within the trailer do hurt the first impression of Neo Berlin 2087. Of course, there is still time to rectify issues before launch.

The description for Neo Berlin 2087 says, “The game is set in Berlin, in the year 2087. Technological advancements and cyberization have divided society into a two class system, where the rich are ruling over the city while the poor are fighting for survival inside the slums and in the deadly wasteland outside the city walls. In a story about justice, friendship, love, guilt and betrayal, we combine the best elements of science fiction in a way that has never been experienced before.”

Neo Berlin 2087 can be wishlisted on PS5 and Steam, and it is due to be released in 2024.

Source: YouTube/Elysium Game Studio

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