Endless Dungeon delayed until October

Sega and Amplitude have announced another delay for Endless Dungeon which will now launch on PC, PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S on October 19th. The game was meant to launch in 2022 but suffered a previous delay.

Endless Dungeon blends together roguelite action RPG gameplay with tower defence elements. Trapped on a mysterious space station, you need to lead your team of heroes through battles against never-ending waves of monsters, trying to protect your crystal as you go. If you die, it’ll be back to the start to try again.

The trailer outlines some of the key concepts running through the game in the form of four rules:

  • Rule #1 – Certain weapons work best against certain monsters. Learn them for a leg up in the twin-stick action!
  • Rule #2 – Protect your crystal by placing turrets, because if it dies, you die.
  • Rule #3 – Teamwork makes the dream work. You can either control a whole squad by your lonesome or test your skills with friends in multiplayer.
  • Rule #4 – Adapt your squad by unlocking new heroes and changing them out as you please!

It’s building on the ideas found in Dungeon of the Endless, which came out back in 2020, though slathers it with much fancier graphics. Still, that game was an enjoyable romp, and in our review for Dungeon of the Endless, Gareth wrote:

Dungeon of the Endless combines the roguelite and tower defence genres in a way that makes it deeper than the sum of its parts. It’s challenging, but rewarding, and if you’re a fan of the roguelite genre, then this is one of the most interesting ones from the last few years.

You can read the full Dungeon of the Endless review here.

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