What We Played #598 – Vampire Survivors, Mega Man Battle Network & Minecraft Legends

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It’s always a pleasant surprise to realise that it’s already Friday in the week after a bank holiday. We’re already within touching distance of another weekend and all the gaming that this can entail. but what about the past week?

Well, I’d stuffed an Xbox Series S into my backpack for the Easter weekend, so I had Halo Infinite, Vampire Survivors and a reanimated game that I’m currently reviewing all on the go. That mixture carried through to the days that followed, especially with the new Vampire Survivors DLC coming out yesterday.

On to the team and first in line is good ol’ Dominic, who’s been playing a good chunk of Minecraft Legends, and had a grand ol’ time with this RTS twist on the Minecraft franchise.

For Aran, he took a bit of a break from Midnight Suns this week to play The Pathless, enjoying the few hours it took to play through and all the Journey vibes it was giving off.

For once, Nic B has not been playing Pokémon Go – “The recent changes to the remote raid system, on top of pissing everyone off, has made free-to-play raiding far more difficult. And, with forcing in-person raids on Easter Sunday (a day where people famously have plans), I simply couldn’t take part. Since that was the only opportunity to catch Regieleki in 2023, I’m less than enthused with the game right now…”

Nick P snagged the platinum trophy on Resident Evil 4 remake – “What a game!” – which meant that he finally had time to get back into Dead by Daylight and Marvel Snap, where he hit infinite rank for a second time.

After a lifetime on his trusty PS4, Ade’s been trying out some PS5 games, giving Returnal and Deathloop a go and enjoying them both thoroughly. Meanwhile his other half has been loving Hogwarts Legacy.

Steve’s been continuing his replay of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order ahead of its sequel, though it’s occasionally struggling on his Xbox One X. He also raced through some scrolling beat ’em ups from the Capcom collection, and has been challenging himself with Hunt the Night for review.

Having not felt that great for the last week, Gamoc upgraded his PS+ sub to Extra and made a start on six games from the library. The main one that’s stuck with him has been Horizon Forbidden West, while the open world-iness of Ghostwire: Tokyo pushed him away. He also went through Untitled Goose Game in coop with a friend – “HONK!”

And Miguel’s spent hour after hour with the Kings Field/Souls inspired game Lunacid, as well as Mega Man Battle Network, some Fortnite, and some Signalis.

Now then, what have you been playing?

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  1. I was given God of War Ragnarok for Christmas – I unlocked the platinum trophy for it on Easter Sunday, which seems like a slightly odd random coincidence! I enjoyed it, the accessibility options definitely make a difference. Not sure it needs New Game Plus, but if folk enjoy that, then fair enough!
    I’ve started working on Marvel’s Avengers, having been spurred on by the delisting announcement. I will get through my backlog one day!

    • Good luck..! You can do it..! ;-)
      (I doubt I ever will, given Plus keeps adding games to mine…)

  2. First, I died a lot in Amnesia:Rebirth. Sneaking sections with monsters you have to avoid can be scary, if done well, here I had mostly no clue (playing with headphones) where they were and dying became a random annoyance. I made it through the game to see all four endings, hoping there would be anything giving this mess of a story some meaningful twist. There wasn’t. The game’s not all bad, though, otherwise I’d have given up much earlier, but it’s very far away from excellent SOMA.

    Then, I played some more of Stray, and I started to love that game. There are beautiful areas to explore, and they got the movement of the cat just right, it’s not the typical (ridiculous) game approach of ‘if you do something wrong, you fall to your death instantly’. And, it’s one of the few games where you get a trophy for falling asleep (while your cat sleeps), an excellent game..! :-)

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