Armored Core VI is coming out in August – see the new gameplay trailer here

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Bandai Namco and FromSoftware have confirmed the Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon release date for 23rd August 2023, bringing the mecha game series back with a launch across PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, Xbox One and PC.

They also gave us the first look at some epic bot-battling gameplay:

Armored Core VI takes us to a brand new planet, Rubicon, where a new energy source called Coral has been discovered and become the centre of a vast mega-corporation battle, throwing mercenary mech pilots into the fray. War has raged for a long time, leaving Rubicon littered with vast industrial ruins, juxtaposed with newer mining constructs around the planet.

You’re thrown into this with a towering mech at your disposal, but there’s plenty of rapid action to take part in despite the size. You can now switch on-the-fly between long-range battle and close-range melee, thanks to a new skill called Assault Boost. This is literally a boost to quickly close the gap to enemies, potentially chaining together different attacks for powerful combos.

There’s also stagger, where if an Armored Core takes too much damage it is overloaded and becomes vulnerable for a few moments. The inclusion here intends to encourage players to keep the pressure up, using weapons that deal more stagger, and then strike when such a weakness opens.

You’ll need every trick in the book to defeat the huge boss battles, which range from large combat helicopters to armoured mobile turrets, unmanned demolition machinery and more. You’ll also be able to test your skill in The Arena.

After a decade that has been completely dominated by Dark Souls games, it’s fantastic to see FromSoftware returning to the Armored Core series, and Armored Core VI looks and sounds pretty epic.

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