What We Played #600 – Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, Cassette Beasts & Street Fighter 6

To think we’re hitting the big six-oh-oh with this weekly feature, and yet it nearly didn’t get posted on the scheduled day! It’s been eleven and a half years of us telling you what we’ve played and then asking you to extend us a similar courtesy, and through all this time we’ve resisted the temptation to ditch the number as we go along. Will it ever end? Will we stop at 1000 or (perhaps more appropriately for the site’s name) at 666?

This week’s gaming has been interrupted by an almighty wave of boxes reentering my life, each one of them with a sometimes rather deceptive label that makes it feel like I’m running a mystery unboxing YouTube channel. However, before that happened, I was playing Stranded: Alien Dawn for review, and also Age of Wonders 4 (alas, it was this game that was most interrupted).

Age of Wonders 4 overworld strategy

Gamoc’s week of gaming has considered of the “fantastic when you’re not platforming” Doom Eternal. He’s reaching the end of the FPS journey, but might have a little less time for gaming with a new gig on the horizon.

Similarly played by platforming that “could have been a bit better” was Aran, who reviewed Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. He did rather enjoy it though, and the broader exploration is particularly good… even if it’s dependent on platforming. Thankfully he was playing on PS5 and not the maligned PC port…

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor double lightsaber combat

It was the Pokémon adjacent Cassette Beasts for Nic B, who strongly recommends it to anyone that likes Pokémon and the 1980s. He’s also getting excited for the next Pokémon Go Fest London, which is in August.

Ade played Nuclear Blaze for a review, and reckons it’s the “best action adventure firefighting puzzle game”, which is both high praise and very, very specific.

It was the Street Fighter 6 demo for Nick P, who’s very much looking forward to the full game release, but he joined it with playing Showgunners for review, while Miguel has been playing OTXO for review, Honkai: Star Rail, some Apex Legends, and some Mega Man Battle Network 3.

Street Fighter 6 Extreme Battle

And we’ll round things out this week with a rather verbose feeling Steve:

“This week I have been playing a trio of indie games for upcoming reviews – Kaku: The Ancient Seal, Arto, and GunJam. All should be revealed early next week. I combined these with a quick play of the Destroy All Humans before it leaves Game Pass. Love everything about the game apart from the stupid escort and defend missions which have not aged well at all. With The Last Case of Benedict Fox and Bramble the Mountain King out this week I’m well stocked with indies to tide me over until Zelda.”

Now then, what have you been playing?

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  1. I haven’t commented here for a while, so some sales and PS+ games need to be mentioned. Along with the same PS VR2 stuff I’ve been playing since it launched.

    Not from a sale, I picked up Labyrinth of Galleria: The Moon Society, partly due to whoever reviewed it here. It’s a lot of fun, if you like that sort of thing. I like a nice JRPG with about 20% more gameplay mechanics than is probably necessary, and 50% more tutorials than necessary to go along with it. Absolutely not for everyone, but if you’re interested in it after reading some reviews, I highly recommend it.

    Then some PS+ things. Life is Strange: True Colors has some horrible spelling in the title, but other than that, it’s probably the best of those games so far. The bits where you use your powers to help people being a standout. Especially the flower shop woman. I think I must have had something in my eye at the point.

    Also gave Riders Republic a go (a bit meh, really – Steep with less snow, I guess). And Rainbow 6 Extraction, which is surprisingly fun. And that Sackboy game also seems surprisingly “meh”. Something just seems off about it. Can’t quite work out what.

    And from the latest sale, I may well be spending this weekend getting into Road 96 (which is good so far), and Bonfire Peaks (which has a trial, which I think just persuaded me to buy it on sale).

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