Death Stranding is free on Epic Games Store

Death Stranding: Director's Cut

Death Stranding standard edition is free to download from the Epic Games Store, and will be available until May 25th, 4pm BST. This is not the Director’s Cut which was released last year. Coming from Kojima Productions, Death Stranding follows the story of Sam Bridges as he tries to connect an America that has collapsed, with parcel delivery and danger mixed in.

The link for Death Stranding Free download on Epic Games Store is here.

Back in December, Death Stranding 2 was been revealed, ending months of speculation and confirming leaks that it was in production, and it jumps forward in time showing Sam coming out of retirement. Hideo Kojima revealed that he had written a story for Death Stranding 2 before the coronavirus pandemic, but tore it up and wrote the story again from scratch after 2020. A Death Stranding movie is also in development, with Kojima Productions working with Hammerstone Studios.

Let’s dip into our Death Stranding PC review, which came in 2020. Miguel said: “It’s a story well worth revisiting or experiencing for the first time on PC. The pacing of the game can certainly drag to a screeching halt through the middle, but with boosted frame rate and crisper visuals, you’ll likely be too mesmerised by the hauntingly gorgeous world of Hideo Kojima’s latest masterpiece to even care about the uneven story beats.”

Source: Epic Games Store

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