Alan Wake 2’s trailer looks epic, and it’s coming out in October

Remedy has given us a first good look at Alan Wake 2, and it looks suitably epic. Alan Wake 2 is set to release later this year on 17th October 2023 across PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

There’s plenty of teasers in the trailer, but most intriguingly, Alan will not be the only playable character. Joining him is FBI Agent Saga Anderson, a profiler who has a knack for solving the impossible cases. This is her first step into the supernatural, but Alan is an old hand at it by this point with a harrowing past.

Their paths will become intertwined in Bright Falls, a small town in the Pacific Northwest, with Anderson on the trail of some ritualistic murders in the area, with things somehow leading to Alan Wake, who went missing some 13 years ago. After a certain point you’ll be able to play through either of their stories in the order of your choice, with echoing and foreshadowing between.

Remedy say that Alan Wake 2 will be a full survival horror game, shifting the game’s story, atmosphere, pacing and gameplay to match. There will be daytime scenes still, where you’ll meet quirky characters and have moments of lightness, but when things get dark and scary, brace yourself for getting spooked. Importantly, they note that it should still be enjoyable for those that want more of the story.

Source: Remedy, PS Blog

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