PSVR 2 has sold 600,000 units in first six weeks, outpacing original PSVR

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Sony has revealed during their latest quarterly financial update that PlayStation VR 2 sold 600,000 units through its first six weeks on sale, managing to outpace the original PSVR through the same time span.

This is good and positive news for Sony’s second generation VR headset, and especially when factoring in that this only takes you through to early April, and that Sony have only now made PSVR 2 available through third parties – at launch, the headset could only be bought directly from Sony. That figure should be significantly higher by now.

600,000 in six weeks also shows PSVR 2’s outselling the original PSVR by around 8%. We’re still well within the early adopter phase, so there’s no way of knowing how PSVR 2 will continue to sell once we get past the diehard VR fans that are upgrading and investing in its future.

PlayStation VR 2 got off to a strong start with its launch lineup of games, with the spectacle of Horizon Call of the Mountain and Gran Turismo 7, Resident Evil Village’s free upgrade and more. We’re still waiting to see what the future holds for the platform, with first party games in particular, and we’ll hopefully get more answers tonight during the PlayStation Showcase. We do know that Resident Evil 4, Beat Saber and Crossfire: Sierra Squad are coming, but there’s appetite for more games to be announced.

In our PSVR 2 hardware review, I said: “PlayStation VR 2 bring’s Sony’s virtual reality platform back to the cutting edge. With the PS5 powering it, PSVR 2 can push stunning visuals, while the Sense controllers make full motion control and interactions standard, and we have some early showcases for the system as a whole.”

Source: Sony Games & Network 

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