Escape Academy’s second DLC is Escape from the Past – Switch release confirmed

Escape Academy: Escape From the Past has been announced, the second DLC expansion for the video game escape room, coming out on 19th June for all platforms.

This fresh DLC will feature five new escape room levels, but they’ve been wrapped up in a new whodunnit-style mystery as you step back in time to when Headmistress Sandra Solange was a student. She and Eel Barnes have to find and unmask a villain who wants their Headmaster dead, and will be investigating all the suspected faculty members to figure out who the killer is and save the school.

It looks like a fun new setting for more puzzling action. The original game and first DLC both featured plenty of great mind-bending escape rooms, playable in both single player and two player co-op. In our original Escape Academy review, I said, “Escape Academy captures the spirit of escape rooms in excellent fashion, wrapping up a string of thoroughly enjoyable puzzle-filled levels in a light and quirky story. Puzzle aficionados might find it a little easy, but it’s a commendable first effort that left me wanting more.”

Escape From the Past will be available across PlayStation, Xbox and PC, whether that’s as part of the DLC season pass ($14.99) or purchased separately ($9.99).

Coin Crew Games has also announced that Escape Academy: The Complete Edition will be coming to Nintendo Switch this autumn, priced at £29.99 and bundling both DLC expansions.

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