Everybody 1-2-Switch! is an unexpected horsey sequel coming out this month

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Nintendo has announced Everybody 1-2-Switch!, an unexpected sequel to the Nintendo Switch launch game. This second minigame collection will be out for Switch on 30th June, costing £25 at launch.

It seems that you wait six years for one sequel to a 2017 Nintendo Switch launch game, and then two come along at once. While fans have been patiently waiting for Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom to arrive for a long time, I don’t think anyone was really expecting 1-2-Switch to get a sequel.

This will be another compilation of Nintendo Switch minigames, but it seems that the scope of what it has to offer has been expanded from one or two players to full teams of players. Ensuring that anyone and everyone can play, Everybody 1-2-Switch will support players with Joy-Con and smartphones, which would imply that the emphasis has shifted from being a quirky showcase of the Joy-Con to much broader minigame styles.

Nintendo describes the game as follows:

Get together in groups and compete in a host of weird and wonderful minigames, featuring everything from balloons to aliens, and more! In those games, you’ll use your Joy-Con controller or smart device in fun and unique ways, earning points for your team. In time-honoured fashion, the team with the most points gets to claim the glory!

Looking back on the original 1-2-Switch, we said, “For all its good ideas, inventive uses of the Joy-Con and potential as a fantastic party game, 1-2-Switch has just as many fumbles that make it far from an essential Switch launch title. It can be a lot of fun, but it fails to keep you in the moment, takes too long to explain and set up each game, and no amount of immature giggling at euphemistic games can manage to rescue it from itself. It might be quick on the draw, but what follows is more of a confused fumble.”

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