Green Hell devs announce new survival simulator Chimera

Chimera Header

Creepy Jar, the developer of survival sim Green Hell, have announced another game in the genre, the base-building survival sim Chimera.

Chimera leaps from the oppressive Amazon rainforest to a sci-fi setting on an extraterrestrial planet that has some massive, planet-killing threats to face and deal with. You’re tasked with building a base to survive the ever-changing planetary conditions, extract and use resources, build up an industrial system and then defend it from alien monsters. Just beware, you might have to deal with massive solar-driven catastrophes and more. You’ll be able to play with up to four player co-op.

“We felt that the game environment [in Green Hell] was a bit static in terms of weather,” game director Michał Stawicki told PC Gamer. “The Amazon rainforest can’t have a snowy winter, after all. This was the main driver that led us to the idea to create a dynamic environment that’s beautiful but at the same time burdened by extreme elements like fire and ice. To create a space where the player can deal with an ever-changing environment and adapt to its conditions.”

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