Stampede: Racing Royale blends Mario Kart with a 60 player battle royale

Stampede Racing Royale Header

Sumo Leamington and publisher Secret Mode have announce Stamped: Racing Royale, a free-to-play battle royale kart racer. Stampede is coming to PC in Steam Early Access this year, while console versions are also planned for later down the line.

The racer has you joining the “Herd” and joining Stampede Races where you simply have to try and outrace the rest of the field. You’ve got a bunch of destructive weapons to use in order to get ahead, but will obviously have to be aware of other player and their own weapons. You’ll have to survive the cut through three rounds, but only one winner will stand atop the podium at the end.

Playtests will take place this summer with a release in Early Access later this year, and feedback from the community from this will shape the game’s future. There will be seasons of content, limited time events, unlockable cosmetics and many of the other familiar trappings of moderns free-to-play games.

Sumo Digital has a rich history in the kart racing genre, with games like Sonic and All-Star Racing Transformed and Team Sonic Racing coming from the company. The company sprawls across many studios, though, and Stampede: Racing Royale comes from a different team at Sumo Leamington. That team was founded in 2019 with a mobile gaming focus, and then bolstered with the later acquisition of Lab42.

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