The new Lords of the Fallen trailer shows the transition between worlds

The Lords of the Fallen announcement

Hexworks have dropped the latest gameplay trailer for Lords of the Fallen and this one shows the transition from Axiom, the realm of the living, and Umbral, the realm of the dead. You also get to see three new boss battles.

Coexisting like two sides of the same coin, these parallel worlds each feature their own unique pathways, enemies, characters, and, of course, treasures. And while it is often down to the player which realm they journey through, they will regularly need to switch from one to the other in order to progress.

The Lords of the Fallen casts you as a Dark Crusader, a fabled combatant on an epic quest to overthrow Adyr, the demon God. This game takes place a good 1000 years after the original game, though you can expect it to follow and try to carve out its own niche in the Soulslike genre. Players will be switching between two worlds throughout the campaign, with  those worlds being Axiom, the world of the living, and Umbral, the world of the dead.

In the review for the original Lords of the Fallen, we wrote, ““Lords Of The Fallen has a good core that is being let down by too many other things. The combat is pretty much on point and really does provide a great challenge. If you’re looking for a game that has punishing fights, but is a bit easier than Souls then this is it. However the story and lore just aren’t that interesting, despite a good premise and Harkyn doesn’t have much personality. There’s also quite few bugs that really need addressing, like clipping through the environment and objects, or the enemies that just stop moving completely, yet can still deal damage, or suddenly develop the ability to fly. Those problems take Lords Of The Fallen from a potentially great game to something just above average.”

Lords of the Fallen launches on Friday 13th October on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.

Source: Press release / YouTube

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