Something for the Weekend – 17/06/23

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You definitely know it’s the summer as sports that aren’t football start to grab more the headlines. There’s the quadrennial Ashes fever that sweeps through cricket fans, we’ve got a good run of F1 races to look forward to through July, and golf fans have the US Open this weekend as well.

But it’s been another big week of news, as we wrapped up the back half of Summer Game Fest, so let’s catch up on this week’s gaming!

In the News This Week

It already feels like a world away, but the start of the week was jam-packed with the back end of Summer Game Fest and the showcases from Microsoft, Bethesda, Ubisoft, Capcom and more. Here’s all the biggest headlines from that and the last few days.

Games in Review and Featured Articles

We had a double-whammy of horror games in reviews this week, with the only exception being the racing of F1 23, which is still in progress.

We had a good batch of previews alongside these, though, as Dom dove into the ’80s themed sequel Kingdom Eighties, with kids on bikes facing off against the Greed. He also returned to the remastered puzzling classic Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective. From one detective to another, Aran had a gander at Tamarak Trail, an intriguing new deck-builder that actually uses dice.

Looking to the future of sport, we had a preview of the revitalised Franchise mode in Madden 24, while the far flung sci-fi VR shooter action of Synapse made Dom feel like John Wick in Jedi robes.

Rounding things out, What We Played had F1 23, Diablo IV and our brief thoughts on the Final Fantasy XVI demo.

Trailer Park

Atlas Fallen gameplay overview trailer shows combat styles and world traversal

Forza Motorsport gameplay reveals new Builders Cup career mode

AC Nexus brings Ezio, Connor and Kassandra into Assassin’s Creed VR on Meta Quest 2

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth gets a very revealing announcement trailer

Your Achievements

Let’s see what you’ve been playing:

  • TSBonyman dipped into the demos for Lies of P and Final Fantasy XVI, both of which were rather enjoyable thanks to FF’s shift to action RPG gameplay. There were also some sale pickups, including Wolfenstein: The new Colossus, The Last Campfire, AC Valhalla, and more.
  • MrYd has had to shelve his PSVR 2 through the heat, so got more time into Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, started playing Midnight Suns, and enjoyed what he’s played of Entropy Centre.

Have a good weekend and I’ll catch you all soon!

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