Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty and Lies of P collaboration announced

lies of p gameplay trailer

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty and Lies of P will have a collaboration, Team Ninja has revealed. Details of the what the collaboration will be have not been released yet, but more details are expected soon. It could be a simple collaboration of skins and costumes based on Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty and Lies of P appearing in both games, or something much more substantial.

A couple of weeks ago, Neowiz and developer Round8 Studio announced that their Souls-like game Lies of P will be coming out on 19th September across PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, Xbox One and PC, and on Game Pass. A demo has been made available The “P” in the title refers to Pinocchio and you will play as the world famous puppet, attaching various upgrades as you hack and slash your way through this grim retelling of the old fairytale. When the news of the release date was confirmed, Jiwon Choi, Lies of P Project Director, said, “We’re beyond excited to announce that Lies of P will launch September 19th on console and PC and that fans everywhere can play the demo now. We hope the experience delivers on our creative approach to the Souls-like genre and interpretation of the Pinocchio lore– and looking forward to seeing the response from our incredible community.”

On June 29th, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty first DLC Battle of Zhongyuan releases. Zhongyuan is in the Central Plains area of China and has been a location that has played a key part in Chinese history, including the Three Kingdoms era. It has been an area that was historically the central area of power, dating back to the Xia dynasty, the first dynasty in Chinese history. It remained a place of power for centuries, so it makes sense for a key part of Wo Long’s lore to be based in such an important region in China’s formation and growth.

Source: Team Ninja

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