The Callisto Protocol Final Transmission gameplay details released

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The Callisto Protocol Final Transmission DLC will be releasing on June 27th for PlayStation consoles, with releases following on June 29th for other platforms. Today, more details have been released by Striking Distance Studios, and it has been set after the events of the main campaign, where things have got even worse.

In The Callisto Protocol Final Transmission the virus looks like it is about to spread outside of the prison, so players need to try and get Mahler’s data and transmit it offworld. This will not be easy as a new enemy type is introduced in Final Transmission, which is called the Biophage Robot, or Biobot. Biobot is a combination of the biophage and UJC Security Units.

“In the main game, the security robots are only seen a couple of times,” said Lead Systems Designer, Paul Guirao. “With the final chapter, we really dug into the idea of what happens when the Biophage starts taking over machinery. We worked closely with the Concept Art team to create a look that fits in TCP’s universe. It took several iterations to establish the look. We went in both extremes, too robotic and then too organic. The more robotic iterations felt too much like the existing Security Units and lacked the gruesomeness the team was looking for. On the other hand, the more organic versions appeared too fragile and didn’t do enough to differentiate the powerful new enemies from their Biophage brethren. Eventually the team “found that sweet spot.” 

To combat this threat, and the final boss, players will gain access to the Kinetic Hammer, which has light and heavy attacks. It is much more powerful than the stun baton. The heaviest of attacks will cause an area of effect impacting other enemies. The Hammer will need some mastering but once it is mastered enemies will get obliterated.

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  1. Looking forward to this – I know Dead Space is still the top dawg in this particular arena but TCP is really enjoyable!

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