Diablo 4 best class – which one should I choose?

diablo 4 best class to play solo

Selecting one of the game’s five powerful hero archetypes is the first choice you’re presented with, but which Diablo 4 class is best? Spoiler: while some are certainly better suited for beginners and solo play, Blizzard are guaranteed to move the goalposts as the weeks and months roll by. Expect a steady stream of skill balance adjustments and tweaks, keeping Diablo 4 feeling fresh and giving each class some time under the spotlight.

So, which Diablo 4 class should you choose? Each one presents their own unique pool of skills that can be mixed and matched to create powerful builds. These are also influenced by the specific weapon types and armour available to each class, conferring a vast array of stat bonuses that become increasingly important as you approach the endgame.

If you’re all about crunching those numbers and staying on top of the current meta, that’s fair enough. However, what we would class as the “best” class is one that aligns with your own playstyle to deliver the most fun. Thankfully, if it’s fun you’re looking for, Diablo 4 excels in delivering a gritty power fantasy – regardless of which class you pick, you’ll gleefully lay waste to hordes of nasty creatures and demons.

Diablo 4 best class – which one should I choose?

If this is your first time playing a Diablo game you may be stuck on which class to pick. The game does a solid job of describing their unique powers and how they play – remember that while you can’t freely switch classes in Diablo IV you can create multiple characters. Here’s an overview of what each class is all about:


The Barbarian is a beefy powerhouse with incredible durability who loves to get up close and personal. They excel in melee combat, favouring two weapon types. As the Barbarian, you can cut wide sweeping arcs through enemy ranks for massive damage or dual-wield two hand weapons, reining down a flurry of blows. Being Diablo 4’s default tank class, your role is to draw enemies away from other party members, but this can be a risky business. Even with a high max health, it’s easy to get swamped by minion hordes and more powerful foes.

diablo 4 best class sorcerer


According to Blizzard, the Sorcerer is Diablo 4’s most popular character class at launch and it’s easy to see why. This fan favourite has access to a devastating grimoire of spells, calling upon various elements to create many of the game’s best-looking skills as you combine fire, ice, and lightning in flashy displays of arcane delight. Naturally, as a spellslinger, the Sorceress is pretty squishy in melee combat and therefore performs best at ranged distance. Solo players will need to invest in reliable defensive and evasive skills, or make sure their damage output is so high, enemies don’t get a chance to get within striking range.


Easily one of the most versatile classes Diablo 4 has to offer. The Druid is a wild warrior who can call upon the forces of nature to unleash earth and storm magic while also shapeshifting into beasts and summoning animal companions. This versatility opens the door to myriad Druid builds and playstyles, making them a great all-round who is heaps of fun to play. However, as you approach the endgame, there will be a need to specialise if you want to get the most out of this class, investing skill points wisely to generate a reliable damage output.


Stealth, precision, and agility – the Rogue offers all three in abundance. They are the scalpel to the Barbarian’s sledgehammer, perfect for hit-and-run assaults on enemy targets before fading into the background and repositioning for a barrage of ranged attacks. The Rogue also has access to traps which need to be strategically placed for maximum impact. This combination of skills makes them a fun yet demanding class to master – your actions need to be deliberate with a constant awareness of your surroundings. In that respect, the Rogue may not be such a great choice for beginners or those looking for a more casual solo experience playing Diablo 4.

diablo 4 best class necromancer


With a decidedly darker, grittier theme, the Necromancer is an apt choice for Diablo 4, especially if you’ve ever dreamt about commanding an army of the dead. This scythe-wielding warrior relies on undead minions to do their bidding, creating a nice buffer between you and incoming enemy hordes. Thankfully, this doesn’t involve too much micro-managing, allowing you to hack and sling dark spells at enemies while maintaining a safe distance, utilising the growing number of corpses around you by turning them into allies or booby trapping them.

Each class in Diablo 4 has something fun and unique to offer. Some are more challenging and involved to master but if you manage to get a grip of the game’s dungeon-crawling basics, there’s little chance you will struggle to beat the game’s campaign with any of them. If you’re in it for the long haul then, chances are, you will eventually get around to playing each one of the available classes as new ways to experience Diablo 4 are introduced, including the upcoming battle pass.