Atomic Heart Annihilation Instinct DLC releases August 2nd

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Atomic Heart’s Annihilation Instinct DLC will be released on August 2nd, Focus Entertainment and Mundfish have confirmed. The Annihilation Instinct is set after the main events of Atomic Heart’s campaign, taking players to the Mendeleev Complex and the swamp like area around it. There will be new dangers to contend with and you can see some of those in the Atomic Heart Annihilation Instinct trailer.

The description for the DLC says, “Continue the story in the Annihilation Instinct DLC and learn what happened to this dystopian world after the climax of Atomic Heart. Prepare to embark on a journey through the new mind-bending Mendeleev Complex and its surrounding swamps and discover the truth about NORA as Major P-3 is pulled back into Facility 3826. Survive vicious, shape-shifting new enemies and take them down using two cunning new weapons – ranged one the Secateur and melee one the Klusha – as well as your glove’s new Techno-Stasis ability, allowing you to manipulate time itself. Meet a new enigmatic character, as well as returning ones in surprising circumstances and dive deep into the AI’s insanity to curb its Annihilation Instinct.”

New Game+ has also been added via a free update to Atomic Heart, which will make the game even more difficult. In New Game+, players will have all their previous unlocked skills but enemies have been made stronger, as well as having new resistances and attack effects to damage the player with.

Atomic Heart Review

In our Atomic Heart review, Gareth wrote, “Atomic Heart is a bit of a surprise. It’s not perfect and the open world is an unneeded dilution, but when you’re in the story missions it’s always entertaining, despite occasionally dragging things out a little. It can be a bit strange, but it’s the self aware kind of strange that can be a bit charming. And the robots are pretty great.”

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