Sony’s Project Q handheld streaming device will cost less than $300… say Microsoft

The ongoing legal battles between Microsoft and the FTC have revealed a surprising bit of news. Project Q was recently and it is s new game streaming handheld device that will tie in with your PS5 via remote play. Project Q will feature an 8″ HD screen and all the other bits of a DualSense controller, so you can get the full PS5 experience.

However, Sony did not reveal a price or a release window. Those details have come from legal documents from the FTC case in which Microsoft have said that Project Q will launch this year, and for a price under $300.

That would put the device in the same price bracket as the Nintendo Switch, but you will still need a PS5 at home to play. However, Sony may announce a package in which you can stream games from servers, perhaps everything in the higher tier PlayStation Plus subscriptions.

Source: Twitter

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  1. $300/€300/£300 for what is essentially – as far as we know – a dumb terminal.

    Granted there may be more features to be announced, but if it really turns out to be nothing more than a DualSense with a screen, then I’m afraid Sony have lost their f-ing mind.

    A streaming device you can only use at home on your WiFi network? £100 tops.

    • A Dualsense Edge is £200 ish [I have one]
      £249-£299 sounds about right for this,
      £99 for it – where are you buying it from? The eighties….

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