Red Dead Redemption rated in Korea, could it be a remaster?

Red Dead Redemption remaster
Red Dead Redemption remaster

The Game Rating and Administration Committee of Korea, who famously don’t give a flying fig about things like embargos, have rated Red Dead Redemption for consoles. As the original game was rated back when it was released on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 this does appear to be a new release.

The original game was available on streaming services including PlayStation Plus for quite a while but was removed in October 2022. What that new release could be is up for speculation but there have been rumours of a remaster for quite some time. That said, there’s always rumours about Rockstar games floating around the internet and 99% of them turn out to be rubbish.

Kotaku did report that a remaster or remake was being worked on but it was cancelled after the release of the Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition which was packed full of bugs and issues when it was released.

The Game Rating and Administration Committee of Korea usually leak games a few months ahead of their official reveal so if it is a remaster then we may hear ore around September, and I guess that would tie in nicely with a release for Christmas this year.

We gave the game 10/10 when it was released way back in 2010. “Rockstar San Diego’s latest title is an unmissable game for any fan of the genre or great action adventures in general,” said our reviewer. “We don’t often get masterpieces around here, but this is certainly one of those moments in time when gamers will look back more fondly on a dusty old six shooter than anything that involves jacking cars.  The Wild West, then, is the new New York, and Rockstar have got their work cut out for them if they want Grand Theft Auto V to come anywhere near close to the majesty of Red Dead Redemption.  A job we don’t envy.”

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