Annapurna Showcase – Flock, Ghostbike, to a T, Blade Runner 2033 & more

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Indie game purveyors Annapurna Interactive have held a showcase today, revealing a bunch of cool and quirky new games that they and their partners have in development, and finishing off with a pretty good surprise reveal!

Let’s dive in:

to a T is a game about T-posing

Coming to Xbox and PC

Coming from Keita Takahashi and Uvula, to a T is basically T-posing the video game, but looks to be filled with a heartwarming message of acceptance. Also he has a cute dog.

Here’s the blurb:

“Play as a teenager (Teen), with a unique posture just trying to live a normal life in a small coastal town. Explore the town along with the help of Teen’s loyal dog and loving mother. While going to school and contending with bullies, Teen discovers a new ability granted to them by their extraordinary posture, and they start to uncover more about their mysterious lineage.”

Co-op game Flock revealed

Coming to PlayStation, Xbox and PC

Flock is a lovely cartoon-styled multiplayer co-op game that’s all about the joy of flight and exploring the world with your friends. Along the way, you can collect some adorable creatures, adding them to your Flock along the way. The announcement trailer feature Pip and Richard from the dev team talking their way through some gameplay snippets.

Ride to the afterlife in Ghost Bike

Coming to PlayStation, Xbox and PC in 2024

Take to the streets of Freehub City on the back of the last Ghost Bikes, magical couriers who rode between the worlds of the living and the dead. You’ll be trying to ride all the way into the afterlife and save the lost souls, but along the way you’ll be exploring a semi-open world, completing challenges, searching for hidden bike parts and customising builds.

Mundaun is out now on consoles!

Now available on Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5

Hand-pencilled horror game Mundaun is out now across Xbox Series X|S and PS5, having secured publishing on console with Annapurna.

See the Bounty Star gameplay overview

PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC release in 2024

Ben Ruiz, creator and director of Bounty Star, gives us a gameplay breakdown of Bounty Star, in which you play as ex-soldier Clementine McKinney, stepping into her mech to defend her post-post apocalyptic desert home from mercenaries.

Stray is coming to Xbox in August

Thirsty Suitors release date confirmed

Coming to Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, and PC on 2nd November.

With some shades of Scott Pilgrim to the post-breakup story and battling exes, Thirsty Suitors follows Jala as she returns home and finds herself through turn-based battles, skateboarding, and cooking.

Storyteller is coming to Netflix Games

Already out on Switch and PC – Hey! We just reviewed it today! – Storyteller’s distinctive blend of narrative building puzzling is coming to Netflix subscribers on 26th September, featuring new stories and characters to play with.

Blade Runner 2033: Labyrinth interquel revealed by Annapurna Interactive

Set between the two films, and after the Black Out depicted in the anime short film, the need for the Replicant bounty hunters known Blade Runners has been removed, but you’re called back for one last job. This one looks to really capture all the visual style of the films, and we look forward to hearing more.

And that’s a wrap! What are you looking forward to?

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