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Sports Interactive is aiming to enter a new era for Football Manager, studio head Miles Jacobson has said in a blog post. The announcements that have been made come alongside the news that Football Manager 2023 is the most played Football Manager of all time, with 5 million players interacting with the game across all the platforms it is available on. However, even with this success Miles Jacobson says some features they wanted to add did not feature, while others have not performed as expected.

One of the big announcements is that when Football Manager 24 launches it will support save files from Football Manager 2023. That means you can continue your campaign from Football Manager 2023 while having access to the new features that will be introduced in Football Manager 24, but those features have not been publicly revealed. In addition, Football Manager 2024 will be the last of the current era of games, as Football Manager 2025 will be made with Unity.

Writing in the blog, Miles said, “The switch to Unity is going to give us a lot more power graphically, across all formats, alongside powerful user interface tools. We’ve been working closely with Unity over the last few years to be able to deliver a whole new UI which will dramatically improve the ways you are able to interact with the game, both inside and outside of a matchday. Unity’s Universal Render Pipeline (URP) allows us to create more optimal graphics across a range of platforms, from mobile to high-end consoles and PC/Mac – but we’re also adding some enhancements on top. The switch to Unity means there is the possibility of better-quality graphics across all supported devices, however it should be expected that there will be some changes to the minimum spec requirements, which will be communicated ahead of FM25’s release.

For those of you who are not familiar with gaming technologies – in simple terms, FM25 will have a significantly better looking matchday experience – both on the pitch and the supporting stadium environments, alongside a vastly improved user interface that will dramatically improve how you navigate through screens and access all the information available to you as manager. We’ll also have new technology for Newgens and manager creation which are already looking really promising at this early stage.

The only platform that won’t benefit from the switch to Unity in time for FM25 is FM25 Mobile, but it is absolutely our intention to incorporate the new tech in Mobile at some point in the future.”

Football Manager 2025 will also see the introduction of Women’s football into the game, which was first revealed in 2021. Women’s football for Football Manager was first announced in 2021. The animations are also being updated for the franchise, and some of those changes will be apparent in Football Manager 2024.

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