What We Played #609 – Final Fantasy 16, Synapse & C-smash VRS

It’s a pleasure to get to Friday and welcome the arrival of the illustrious weekend. It beckons more time with family and friends, and if you’re me a stupidly early getup so I can go swim in a lake. It also means I can continue with Clive’s journey in Final Fantasy XVI and I am enjoying it SO much right now. It is exactly the game I wanted to play right now, and I’m enjoying it so much more than Tears of the Kingdom. I’ve also played a heap of other stuff including C-Smash VRS, Dordogne, and Synapse, all of which have turned out to be great as well. What an awesome week!

Synapse combat in PSVR 2

Tuffcub has once again been playing Destiny 2, so we might as well just move right along to Aran, who has just played more Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, saying, “It’s scratching that itch of casual digital violence and exploration. Still quite early on in the game as I’ve been focusing on the side quests.”

Despite taking issue with it, Gamoc has played more Diablo IV and chucked in some Cyberpunk 2077 for good measure. Meanwhile, Nick P has indulged in a ton of Street Fighter 6, as well as diving into the Mortal Kombat 1 Stress Test which he says was “great”, and a bit of Diablo IV on the side.

Steve has also played a lot of FFXVI, saying, “It is a brilliant spectacle with some great boss fights but questionable pacing. Everyone seems super horny too which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. My daily achievements have been courtesy of the beautiful Dordogne.” Wait! He’s just playing the same games I am! Copycat.

Pikmin 4 Attack Creature

Tef has apparently been playing Diablo IV-I, which is maths for Diablo III, which he’s playing for the first time. I guess this is the much cheaper option, and still a damn good choice! He’s mixed that in with some F1 Manager 23, Pikmin 4 and the horse-y party game Everybody 1-2-Switch.

Finally, Miguel has been playing some Final Fantasy XVI, a smidge of Fortnite, a pinch of We Love Katamari, and a game known as Slayers X.

What about you? Have you been playing anything this week?

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  1. Like last time I remembered to do this, Midnight Suns and Jedi Survivor. Both good, but loving midnight Suns.

    Plus some of the PS+ games. But haven’t really had a chance to try them out properly. Premium gives too many games.

    Oh, and I’ve been constantly followed by a seagull at work all week. We named him Steven, and he really is quite loud and annoying. Anyone for any tips on how to get rid of him? All our ideas seem based on cartoons, so probably won’t work very well.

    • Naming him was your first mistake.

  2. I’ve been gradually chipping away at Doom. I’ve also noticed how TSA staff are often playing Marvel Snap. I like Marvel, but have never played a similar genre of game before.
    Anyway, I’m now mildly addicted and logging in each day. I’m blaming you guys ????

    • We get blamed for all sorts. Hope you’re at least enjoying it!!

  3. I’ve been romping through Wolfenstein New Colossus and i also made a start on Demon’s Souls – i’m not doing too bad so far!

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