Final Fantasy XVI update 1.03 adds new visual options

final fantasy xvi update ps5

Square Enix has released Final Fantasy XVI update 1.03, making several welcome adjustments to the celebrated JRPG sequel.

The new Final Fantasy XVI update is available to download now on PS5. It doesn’t include any new content or DLC though does offer a number of additional visual, controller, and camera options.

You’ll now be able to tweak the motion blur strength based on your preference, with enhanced camera sensitivity settings and controller layouts also available.

Final Fantasy XVI update 1.03 patch notes

We announced the release of update 1.03, which makes a number of improvements to the game.
This update fixes some issues and adds some new functionality.
We recommend that you install this update before playing FINAL FANTASY XVI.

This update:

  • Adds the following items to the System tab of the Main Menu:
    • Motion Blur Strength
      Allows the player to adjust the strength of the motion blur effect when the character or camera is in motion. The default setting is the maximum of 5. This can be lowered to reduce the strength of the motion blur effect, or set to 0 to turn it off completely.
    • Player Follow (Movement)
    • Player Follow (Attack)
      Turning these settings off prevents the camera from automatically following the player while moving and attacking respectively.
  • Changes the maximum setting of the Camera Sensitivity (Horizontal) and Camera Sensitivity (Vertical) items from 10 to 20.
  • Adds three new controller layouts: types D, E, and F.
  • Corrects an issue that affected the stability of some menus.
  • Corrects some text issues.
  • Adds the hashtag #FF16 when sharing screenshots or video clips on Twitter or YouTube.

In our Final Fantasy XVI review, Nic scored the game a fantastic 9/10, saying “if you’re a fan of strong narrative experiences, Final Fantasy lore, breath-taking graphics and a particularly sassy Moogle, and you don’t mind a sprinkling of The Witcher, The Handmaids Tale and the many accents of Old Blighty, then Final Fantasy XVI is the game for you. Heck, it might just be the best Final Fantasy yet!”

What’s next for the franchise, you ask? With XVI is out in the wild, there’s a chance we may see DLC at some point in the near future, even if Square Enix hasn’t already announced it. Fans will likely turn their attention toward Final Fantasy VII Rebirth next which recently showed off a new trailer and is primed for an early 2024 release. A mobile spin-off, Ever Crisis, is also in the works and those who live in Final Fantasy XIV‘s virtual world of Eorzea can likely expect to catch a first glimpse at the game’s seventh expansion some time soon.

Source: Square Enix