Payday 3’s new dev diary is all about the combat

Payday 3
Payday 3

A new developer diary for Payday 3 has been released by Starbreeze, with the focus being on combat. The video looks at the different difficulties, armour, weapon systems, enemy types and their improvements, the gadgets, and the progression system that each gun will have in Payday 3.

Payday 3 will have four difficulties at launch and they are normal, hard, very hard, and overkill. Normal recommended for when players are starting out in the game, then move on to hard mode once it has been familiarised with. Hard mode has been indicated as the default difficulty for Payday 3 while levelling up. Very hard is for those who are comfortable with their loadout, or have a lot of experience with the Payday series. Overkill will be a brutal and unfair difficulty. Enemies will not be segregated based on the difficulty players are on, as Starbreeze want players to experience all part of Payday 3. Instead the damage enemies deal and their numbers are altered, but they will have the same health across all four difficulty options.

Character weight is impacted by the armour they are wearing, along with other equipment. The speed at which characters move in Payday 3 will depend on the weight of the stuff characters are carrying. Armour is made up of shards with different bits covering different areas of the body, and they have limits. Armour can recoup health but if it is destroyed it is gone for good, unless you find a piece in an armour bag. Some enemies will be able to ignore player armour and do damage to health directly.

Starbreeze has internally categorised enemies into three groups. The common enemies are normal and heavy SWAT, the uncommon enemies are such as the shield and the sniper, and then there are the special enemies. The special enemies like the bulldozer, who has been worked on for Payday 3, like the bull rush where he will charge players down, while getting too close will see him kick players. Each special enemy has a counter build players can create to minimise their impact, but it will come at the cost of other stats. A new enemy is the nader, an enemy armed with flashbangs and gas grenades. The gas grenade damages health and stops players from sprinting in the gas cloud. Zapper is also back and there have been changes with him too. First there is the partial stun where players will still be able to fire back, as well as free yourself by moving aim. If that fails, then full stun entered. Cloakers will have two nightstick bracers, and he will destroy deployables if he walks past them. With the shield enemy, other enemies will get behind him for cover.

Weapon modelling in Payday 3 will be similar to that in Payday 2, where players can pick sights, magazines, and stocks, but to unlock those items you will need to use the gun regularly. Each gun has a progression path along with players can unlock new items for it. There are preset weapons too that are already equipped with certain mods. Players will still progression with the base weapons of presets, so unlockables can be acquired. Overkill weapons are the literal big guns and are accessed during heists as objectives are completed. There are gadgets as well like an ECM jammer that blocks cameras, and mini cameras that can be placed anywhere, including people, and watch the feed to see what is happening elsewhere.

Payday 3 will be releasing for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S on 21st September. The game will be launching straight into Xbox Game Pass on day one too.

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