Marauders update makes fixes following Excavation launch

marauders update excavation patch notes

Small Impact Games have launched a hotfix for Marauders, following up this week’s major Excavation update launch.

Released on July 4th, the major Marauders update introduced a wealth of gameplay changes and free content including new weapons and gear as well as a total rework of the game’s first map.

Still in early access, Marauders is a tense, tactical extraction shooter in which players perform raids on maze-like industrial ships, scooping up gear and upgrading their character. The patch notes for this latest Marauders update can be found here.

Marauders Excavation Update Hotfix 01 Patch Notes

Known Issues

It has come to our attention that the fix implemented for the Blowtorch in the Depot container did not work as we hoped. We will address this as soon as possible!


  • All consumables have had their “time to use/heal” reduced by around 40% to 60%. The same amount of health can now be healed in less time.
  • Morphine now heals 4 points every second for 4 seconds (over a 100% increase).
  • Players inside ships now take 5% of external damage (down from 7%)
  • The MG42 has been swapped with a commando bag at lvl 8 Central Empire faction shop.
  • The Flak Turret now has 4 ammo capacity before needing to reload.
  • Nuclear Launcher now does 1600 area damage (down from 3000).
  • The depot container (that can spawn the blowtorch) no longer has random durability or ammo amounts (always full condition).
    Note – this fix did not work, we will resolve this as soon as possible


  • Lowered the drill sound in the Mining Frigate.
  • Tweaked the attenuation distance of a handful of sounds.


  • Levels for ship interiors are now soft reference to drastically increase the speed of their loading (start of match).


  • Fix for people getting pulled into USA East region instead of what they picked.
  • Fixes added to help any “slow loaders” and prevent people “falling into the void”.
  • Fix for the pod damage “You Died” screen coming up on breaching.
  • Attachments on weapons no longer give the incorrect value.
  • Weapons now update image/values more reliably when changing information e.g add removing attachments
  • Fixed a bug with space gate UI where it could overlap if you backfilled into a match.
  • Fixed ban appeal website links not working.

It’s unclear when Marauders will leave Steam Early Access and hit version 1.0. Hopefully new of a console version may soon follow.

Source: Steam