Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown stream will reveal first gameplay footage next week

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With recent reports surrounding the Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown release date, Nacon and KT Racing have now announced a TDU Connect stream that will take place next week on 12th July 2023 at 6PM UK time (7PM CEST, 1PM EDT, 10AM PDT).

This TDU Direct stream will feature Alain Jarniou, Creative Director at KT Racing, who will present a new look at this revived open world racing series, incorporation the first gameplay video from the game into the 30-minute presentation.

Update: We’ve had it confirmed by Nacon that this will be gameplay.

Solar Crown will take players to a full 1:1 recreation of Hong Kong to immerse them in street car culture as the Sharp and Street clans will vie for supremacy on the streets – Sharp is focussed more on the luxurious vehicles and Street clan being into the nightclub scene. The two sides will have their own HQ that any player can access, but only aligned players will be able to enter the VIP area. This will all sit beside the Solar Crown PvP competition which gives the game its name, a tournament that will sprawl across the whole city.

Earlier this week, it came out that Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown has been delayed to 2024, by way of a financial report from publisher Nacon. That makes sense considering that, to date, precious little of the game has really been shown. After the first teaser trailer and announcement for Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown in 2020, KT Racing returned in 2021 with a moody head to head’ video, and then a location reveal for the Hong Kong setting, but no gameplay, even with a 2022 release date still expected at the time.

In mid-2022 came the inevitable delay to 2023 and, following the industry trend of the time, the cancellation of last-gen versions. However, we did get the very first environmental screenshot last July, and earlier this year we had some “gameplay” screenshots that had cars in those environments. They’ve also discussed how online social elements will be featured.

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown is coming to PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

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