What We Played #611 – Kingdom Eighties, Diablo III & Diablo IV

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Another week in the bag, and more games successfully added to both the played pile, and the pile of shame (thanks Steam Summer Sale). I’ve been embarking on our Exoprimal review, and it remains very much a game about dinosaurs. On top of that there’s been a load of Kingdom Eighties – it is absolutely superb – and a few other bits and bats on PC.

Tef is first up for a change, and he stomped through the end of the Diablo 3 High Heavens campaign, saying, “It was amusing how overpowered we were against bosses – just playing on Normal difficulty, TBF.”

Gamoc stuck with the newer Blizzard title about hell, playing Diablo IV. He tells us, “I’ve levelled a Rogue to Level 40, soon she will join my other characters in the endgame grind.”

Diablo 4 open world

Steve has been working through Final Fantasy mode on FFXVI NG+. He said, “It’s fun just focusing on the meaty combat but there are a few encounters that drag on a little too long with damage sponge enemies. Alongside Clive time I’ve continued with Bramble: The Moutain King for daily achievements but am nearly at the end so will have to select another game – I might finish Dordogne for a change of pace.”

Nick P told me I can literally copy and paste his from last week, which I think was Street Fighter 6. Having checked it was also Dead by Daylight, Fortnite, Overwatch 2, Diablo IV and Helldivers!

Jim managed to blitz Stray before it leaves PlayStation Plus next week, telling us, “I really enjoyed it in the end – definitely a fan of shorter, story-driven games at the moment following the endless grindfest that is Diablo IV. I have also picked up Marvel Snap again after a few months. Those first handful of matches weren’t fun as I realised many of my star cards have been nerfed though I’ve bounced back with some new and fun-to-play decks.”

marvel snap review

Aran played through A Long Journey to an Uncertain End “which is a really fun resource management game with a space-faring story. Also played some more Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.” Ade meanwhile has been playing Midnight Suns and says “now I need not play anything else because it is THE BEST GAME EVA!!!” I think he likes it.

Now then, have you played anything this week?

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  1. A little bit more of Midnight Suns, and then things with the new PC. Which is somewhat overpowered (it’d better be at that price!). One nice 1440 monitor that can handle 170Hz, and I’m all set for all the downloading and installing. A month of game pass for a quid didn’t help there. So lots of downloading, and the odd bit of throwing whatever I can at it to try and make it sweat. I failed there. PC gaming is just unnecessarily complicated. Although I will admit the XBox app is mostly well designed with lots of useful information, including how long it’ll take to beat the game. I might even be tempted to subscribe properly. Let’s see if No Man’s Skyrim (or whatever it’s called ;) is any good or not first.

  2. A bit of Marvel Snap and a bit of Doom. Plus some exploring of NFC tags (which I previously knew nothing about). It’s a long, dull story but I’m hoping it’ll help with playing Lego Dimensions!

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