Good Shepherd will make games based on 2000 AD comics

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Indie publisher Good Shepherd has entered into a partnership with Rebellion to develop and publish games based on 2000 AD comics and stories. This could mean seeing new games based on Judge Dredd, Rogue Trooper, ABC Warrior, as well as Roy of the Rovers, Battle Action and more.

Rebellion has owned 2000 AD since the year 2000, funnily enough, with Rebellion’s founding Kingsley brothers having been big fans since the very first issue of the comic anthology. It’s fair to say that they’ve not really been able to tap into this rich comic book history for video games, though, with Judge Dredd: Dredd vs. Death and Rogue Trooper released in 2003 and 2006 respectively, and pretty much nothing since – well, there was that Rogue Trooper remaster in 2017. Instead, they’ve really homed in on the success and popularity of their Sniper Elite series and spin-off Zombie Army.

So it makes sense that they would be willing to partner with other companies to try and make more out of their license.

Good Shepherd was founded in 2011 under the Gambitious name, initially as a crowdfunding platform with hits like Train Fever, before evolving into an indie publishing label a few years later, helping Hard West, Transport Fever, John Wick Hex and more get to release. 2017 was the year that they rebranded to Good Shepherd Entertainment, and fully move away from the crowdfunding business. A few years on from that, in 2021, Good Shepherd was acquired by Devolver Digital.

“We are huge fans of Rebellion and 2000 AD” said Amanda Kruse, head of business development and publishing for Good Shepherd. It’s still early days, but building this out with partners who understand the art of adaptation across mediums has been incredible. We are excited to bring fans the hits they are expecting, but even more excited to play with the deep cuts in the library.”

Source: Rebellion

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