The Borderlands movie will be on the big screen August 2024

Borderlands Movie
Borderlands Movie

You may have forgot it was a thing – I certainly did – but the official Borderlands movie Twitter account has sprung to life to announce the film will be in cinemas on August 9th, 2024.

It’s rather and odd time to announce a release date for a movie as both scriptwriters and actors are on strike over in the United States, effectively halting production on just about every scripted TV and movie in production. There’s been no news about the movie filming so presumably it’s also held up by the strikes, and there’s no clear date when those will end.

The film has been in development for a good few years and was announced way a back in 2015. Eli Roth is in the director’s chair for the Borderlands movie. His filmography includes the likes of Cabin Fever, the Hostel films, The Green Inferno, Death Wish, and The House with a Clock in its Walls. What is very likely then is that the Borderlands movie will not shy away from some violent action pieces.

The cast will include Jamie Lee Curtis as Tannis, Cate Blanchett as Lilith, Ariana Greenblatt as Tiny Tina, Jack Black as Claptrap, Kevin Hart as Roland, Edgar Ramirez as Deukalian Atlas, the Founder and CEO of the Atlas Corporation, and Florian Munteanu as Krieg. Haley Bennett was also added to cast but she will not be playing an established character.

A plot summary was also released in 2020.

The movie will find Lilith in the Atlas Corporation space prison when the CEO gives her the chance to earn her freedom by rescuing his daughter, the foul-mouthed Tiny Tina, on the planet Pandora. The mission takes an unexpected turn when it becomes clear that the little girl is the key to unlocking a valuable alien vault that Atlas wants all for itself.

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