What We Played #612 – Pikmin 4, Remnant 2 & Diablo IV

As someone who loved Terry Pratchett’s Bromeliad Trilogy growing up, I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the return to the Earth-like planet PNF-404 in Pikmin 4. Who knows what has befallen this planet in the Pikmin-verse, but it’s quirkily enjoyable to have our general detritus as collectable treasures for the diminutive Pikmin and Hocotatians. Pikmin 4‘s pretty great, by the way.

Dom’s had his rampage through the dino-infested world of Exoprimal slightly halted by a little time in Belgium, but has been enjoying it so far, and you can expect a review to stomp along soon.

Tuffcub has been playing The Last of Us Part I this week, potentially just to prove the Slackbot that always states that the’s been playing Destiny 2 wrong, potentially because it’s still a ruddy brilliant game. Who can say?

Diablo 4 open world

In addition to checking out the new Diablo 4 season (which he has Opinions about) Gamoc has delved back a good few years to play Starlink: Battle for Atlas, “which is like if Ubisoft made No Man’s Sky without the procedural generation part.” He’s enjoying it as a game, but not so much the weird Toys to Life aspect with a digital option. He also played Dysmantle, a “weird topdown zombie game in which you tear your environment apart for crafting resources.”

As per usual, Nick P has been playing Street Fighter 6, Dead by Daylight, Overwatch 2 and Diablo 4, but he also fired up Miidnight Suns again so he could race through the DLC, which is always going to be a good time given how fantastic that game is.

Jason has been smashing through Remnant 2, and become besotted with it. “The guns feel great, the boss design is up there with the best of all-time, the levels are beautiful, and it has a story worthy of the most off-the-wall JRPG. Just a stunning game.”

It’s been a quieter week than usual for Nic B, who’s chipped in with Exoprimal for our upcoming review, and a little bit of Pokémon Go, as usual. He’s excited for bedtime, though, because “Once my Go Plus+ arrives on Friday, I’ll start dipping my insomniac toes into the world of Pokémon Sleep!”

Aran completed both Pikiniku and Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, and enjoyed them both. “Pikiniku is a simple enough game that has a central core focused on the environment and destruction of the natural world for greed. Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands had a fun world to explore and I managed to do every side quest. I felt the loot system could have been better, but overall a fun and sometimes funny game.”

Final Fantasy 16 Combat

And we’ll round things out with Steve who snagged the platinum trophy for Final Fantasy XVI – “the harder playthrough allowed the combat to take centre stage (although I had to resort to assistance ring’s for some fights)” – and then went on to play the “darkly beautiful” Bramble, the Geometry Wars-alike Funtime and cinematic indie platformer Full Void for an upcoming review.

Now then, what have you played?

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